Corps Director – Winter 2022

Hello Southwind Friends and Family!

Since our last newsletter, we’ve had our December and January camps to kick off the 2022 season and it has been great seeing nervous young people show up on Friday nights ready to be a part of our corps. Backpacks and sleeping bags with students attached started arriving early Friday night at that first camp in December. And within an hour, for the first time in a long time, the sounds of drum corps were live again. Since that first Friday at Daphne High School, we’ve already had two meals of taco salad and chicken patty sandwiches to kick off the season.

I will admit, it has been tough to shake off the rust and flip all the switches to make this machine run. We’ve had to relearn how to unpack and pack Ted, make weekend schedules, and remember all the pre/post camp tasks. Luckily, we have a great admin staff to help with the chores and keep things running smoothly. Our next batch of young Southwind admin team members Ernad Sisic, Chris Rollins, and Jacob Moorer have rapidly become indispensable to the corps.  

A new season means a new show for the field. Since early Fall, the team has been meeting nearly weekly to identify tunes and goals for the season. So how’s the production work going now? We’ve always prided ourselves on being ahead of schedule and this year is no different. As of this moment, over half of the show is fully arranged and at our last camp, we distributed one of the opening pieces to the membership. For weeks we’ve been listening to midi files trying to imagine how the real music will sound and now finally, after a long wait, we had the hornline playing the opening piece at our January camp.

For the remaining camps, we’ll be working to fill out the membership in preparation for summer move-ins. To expand our membership, we’re moving the March 11-13 camp to Mountain Brook High School in Birmingham. If you’re nearby, then contact us to come out for a visit or help with feeding the members at the food bus.

And speaking of the food bus, if you’re at the Birmingham camp, then you’ll have the opportunity to see “SWoogon” for the last time in its current form. Finally, after years of service to the corps, she’ll be headed to the paint shop for a new coat of paint and new cooking equipment. Thanks to the amazing generosity of two long time Southwind donors, the food bus reconditioning will be complete along with its engine replacement in 2020. I plan to highlight those individuals in a special post very soon! 

We have plenty more surprises for the corps this season that we’ll reveal over the next few months. Stay tuned to the newsletter and our new website for information about preview shows, special performances, and more as we hit the road for 2022.

S-Dub Luv,


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