Southwind Announces its Drum Majors for 2022

2022 DMs
Southwind’s leadership on the field in 2022 (Left to right): Hailey Swanson, Jordan Costagliola, and Makayla Myers.

Lawrence LeClaire, Southwind’s Corps Director, is excited about the coming year.

Southwind is in good hands as it maps out its first post-pandemic season. And part of that

leadership is found our three drum majors: Jordan Costagliola, Orlando, Florida; Makayla

Myers, North Carolina; and Hailey Swanson, Jacksonville, Florida.

“We’ve always seen Southwind as not only a performing organization, but a youth

organization most of all. That means taking care to create a culture where youth leadership

is central to success. And this year’s drum majors live up to some very high standards.”So

who leads 2022 Southwind on the field and off?

Jordan Costagliola, is a freshman at the University of Florida Freshman, majoring in

advertising. What brought him to Southwind?“I’m a drum corps fan and heard great things

about Southwind’s organization. One of the best parts of being a drum major is advocating

on behalf of performers with the staff and helping to form close connections with

everyone. We might have been absent from the activity for two years, but we’re making up

for lost time this year with a lot of growth.”

Meanwhile, Makayla Myers, is not letting any grass grow under her feet. A junior at Ardrey

Kell High School in Charlotte, she’s already making big plans to serve her country in the US

Army. After that, she plans to fulfill ambitions to become a pediatric surgeon.“I wanted to

be part of something bigger than me. That means serving in ways that make a difference.

Southwind means that to me—as well as to all our performers. It’s a very close-knit

organization. Inclusivity is everything and I want everyone knowing we’re in this

together! So I’ll do whatever the corps may need from me to foster a successful


Hailey Swanson has unfinished business to do. She was all set to march Southwind during

the 2020 season, before tour was cancelled due to Covid. A sophomore at Florida State

University, Hailey is making up for lost time by dedicating herself to Southwind’s success.

“It was a big disappointment to shut down for Covid, but I’m back. Now, as drum major, I

am excited to be a resource for everyone, making sure they’re enjoying the experience

while helping us to achieve so much this summer. I’m thrilled to be finally doing drum

corps again.”

Everyone at Southwind agrees with Hailey. With a growing organization and renewed

commitment to success, Southwind enters the 2022 season prepared to tour the country

and impress audiences nationwide.

“While we certainly would have preferred being on the field in 2020 and 2021, the hiatus

has given us some opportunities to grow,” offers LeClaire. “We’ve been able to implement

new systems, find additional staff, and really think hard about how we continue to grow in

our mission. And cultivating leadership in our ranks will be a big key to our future success.”

Southwind was originally formed in December, 1980, taking the field for competition for

the first time for the 1981 season. After going inactive in the late 2000s, a completely new

organization was formed by alumni and friends in 2014. In its last competitive season in

2019, Southwind’s growth was recognized by DCI as the Most Improved Corps in the


Southwind looks forward to more than continued growth in the seasons ahead. The

organization also wants to set the standard for unforgettable performer experiences in the

years to come.

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